Choosing where to stay in Antigua

Cocos Resort, Antigua

For any destination you might consider that while it is a royal thought to spend 7 nights by an all inclusive pool you might like some diversions. It can be a pain to have to grab a cab when you just want 30 minutes or an hour to get a different vibe. To this end you will start your online search for locations in Antigua that are most popular.
You will become more confused the more you search perhaps. In Best Antigua we have provided an online tool that can help. By design we want to showcase the very best that Antigua has to offer which can also be something that is great value for money and in the heart of Antigua such as sweet T’s ice cream parlour to the best resort destinations to get married in.
When you are by the pool relaxing just load the location page in your mobile phone that suits your resort and there you will have all the points of interest you need. Restaurants and Bars or tips and walks close by.
Of course fear not that you have picked a wrong location – there is NO wrong place to be. Antigua is great all over. Never far from an amazing beach and perhaps the worlds best rum punches (try coconut grove) you will have a great time. But be sure to check where you are here on the Antigua Map and have a fab time ! See you when you get here J